New Releases, New Concepts, New DRAPED!

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New Releases, New Concepts, New DRAPED!

Hello All! Thank you for supporting throughout this long year and a half journey, as it all went by so fast. We are excited to announce that DRAPED will be branching out, and it may even look to some as a rebranding but its not! We are still DRAPED FOREVER! 

When the brand first started, there were many different directions that we could go, and we ultimately decided to start and push the single DRAPED concept. Now we are branching out and including the original Forever concept along with DRAPED being related to dozens of different things that people can relate to in every day life, whether love, fashion, loyalty, God or other things that may relate to someone's life.

It's not easy to understand in writing, but we will show you in design, in art! We create this clothing to be top quality, comfortable, and affordable to all. As we are "sort of" rebranding, we want to create more garments that people can relate to personally, which in turn gives off great energy and a great feeling while wearing the clothing. 

The BIG DIFFERENCE in these new releases is that we will only be releasing a very limited amount of each product and we are going away from mass production 100%. Each garment will only have a few per size, and then we will stop production for that design fully and keep going forward. Some may be brought back, but most will not so it is ideal to get them fast. This is just a heads up!

Thank you all for reading. As always, stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for updates: @DrapedOfficial | We will be releasing polls on the new upcoming garments and ideas to get everyone's opinion as well. Be blessed!

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