Draped Supplying New Sneaker Releases?

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Draped Supplying New Sneaker Releases?

This November has been a wild month to remember across many industries, especially in the sneaker game. Here at Draped, we like to keep our customers up to date on some of the latest fashion trends, while offering them as well.

As we all know, fashion is very influential in today’s society and someone’s wardrobe most certainly makes a statement. In the latest of this fashion craze, Yeezys (Kanye x Adidas) have taken over the sneaker game. Literally, Yeezy has officially jumped over the Jumpman. Jordans were on a tear for years and are still very popular, but Yeezys by far have much more demand and are much more popular at this time. With flawless silhouettes and bringing a new comfort to designer sneakers, Yeezys have been able to hold the claim as the most popular shoe. 

Our team is creating this post as we contemplate on adding another dynamic to our online shop by offering new sneaker releases, as we have the means to get many pairs each release that will include a wide variety of sneakers for many popular brands (Adidas, Nike, etc). We will ONLY offer releases that we have in stock and in hand. This is IMPORTANT to know as some sneaker releases are very limited, so our stock would vary. This is not yet set in stone, as we still have many more new clothing releases set forth within the next few months:)) So we just want you guys to stay tuned, and thank you for the early support. Happy Holidays.

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