DRAPED Releases Dr.Aped Collection

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DRAPED Releases Dr.Aped Collection

DRAPED is planning for a breakout year in 2018, starting with the Dr.Aped collection. With this year only being 2 months in, DRAPED has already released 100+ new garments on their online store along with a new, and cleaner website. Along with this, the company has made its shipping rates more affordable by adding new shipping options, including free shipping on all orders 50.00 USD or more as well.

DRAPED plans to stand out from other brands by not only offering many different styles and designs, but most importantly by having soft, high-fashion designer like quality garments. Customers have been blown away by the quality and materials, as many up and coming brands opt for the cheap “Gildan like” t shirts because it is more affordable. DRAPED takes no shortcuts and is here to establish a household name and to not disappoint.

Experience DRAPED for yourself, as the company has also been known to add extra garments to their orders for the customers that support their brand in the early days;) Be on the lookout for a ton of new releases throughout the year!

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